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DHA Lahore Phase 6 Map

DHA Lahore Phase 6 situated between Barki Road, Lahore Ring Road, DHA Main Boulevard and Bedian Road Lahore.  Phase 7 situated towards South while DHA Phase 8  situated towards North of it. DHA Phase 6 spans on large region. However Phase 6 comprises on different sector name Sector B, Sector C till Sector. While each Sector has its own Mosque and park and other resources of livelihood.

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Map

DHA Phase 7 is one of the most engaged Phase with respect to Development, Possession and construction too. Phase 7  close to Phase 6 while one side is extends towards BRB Canal situated towards South. However Defence Raya Golf Club Resort is likewise part of DHA Lahore Phase 7. Development Work has  finished in different Sectors including Sector Q, R, S, T and Sector U. While Development Work is in process for a few Sectors including Sector V, W and Sector Y.

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