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DHA Lahore Property Market Report May

DHA Lahore Property Market Report May

The real estate market in April proceeded as paying little mind to the declaration of Tax Amnesty plan and change in the over all tax collection of real estate after first July 2018. While some look at it hopefully others didn’t afraid from condemning it. In my own ability I think this is an incredible move to regulate taxes on real estate. Should build a solid and reasonable taxation framework. In DHA Lahore the real estate market kept on giving positive signs over all in Phase. For example, Phase 8 , 9 Prism and 9 Town, while balanced phase, for example, Phase 6 and 5 stayed steady.

DHA Phase 1 to 5

Goldcrest DHA Lahore Mall and Residency project keeps on being a standout among other investments of DHA Lahore. May and June might be extremely crucial and your last opportunity is investment in Goldcrest mall. The project development at finishing stage and car parking will be done in the coming month. The expected possession of the commercial area before the finish of this current year and will turn out to be an awesome jump for this project. This is the first mall of DHA Lahore and is awaited by the residents with incredible optimism.

DHA Lahore Phase 6

DHA Lahore Phase 6 stays steady as regular and keeps on grow slowly gradually. The MB plot costs on the main road are on the higher agree with a demand of 110 Million to 120 Million. Phase 6 is a model phase if you are looking for for rental returns, homes and business along with better gain in both residential and commercial sector. E block ext possession is expected in up comings months and may give a window short term trades.


  • Purchase residential plots in Phase 6 for safe investment as it will keep on growing consistently finished the years.
  • Great chance to purchase business on Main MB before N and L Blocks of Phase 6 and P block of Phase 7.

DHA Lahore Phase 7

DHA Lahore Phase 7 costs have dropped in the previous couple of months and has slowed down. However this is a decent opportunity to purchase if you are looking for a short term investment and a rise of 1o to 15 %. Costs of Phase 7 are likewise exceptionally lucrative regarding constructing a house.

5 Marla residential files of Phase 7 have taken a plunge and now trading at 34 lacs and do offer a decent investment opportunity. This may not be a short term investment however as it will just give you some sensible returns in six months to one year.


  • Phase 7 isn’t generally the best investment choice. However is most appropriate option that you have restricted budget plan to build a house. Presently it is making some to invest in Phase 7 at lower prices, specially that you intend to hold it for a year or more.
  • Purchasing 5 Marla file between 34 to 36 Lacs is a decent investment. If you are searching for little investment opportunities .

DHA Lahore Phase 8

Right now investment in residential plots of  DHA Phase 8 One of the best opportunities in DHA Lahore. I have seen more investor interest in phase 8 in April, such an interest is constantly followed by a price rise. Which has already ascended by 5% in W Block and will impact other blocks in next couple of months.

If you don’t know and confused where to contribute this might be the best wager. The costs are very stable now and no further drawback is expected.

DHA Phase 8 Broadway

Broadway commercial has been balance and no significant change is expected any circumstances soon. Regardless it remains my most loved long term commercial investment.

DHA Phase 8 Ex Park view

Ex Park view of Phase 8 is an ideal choice for real buyers and the costs are yet my most loved for a 2 Kanal plot. Sensibly great plot is available in just about 400 lacs and I trust it is the best region in whole DHA Lahore to purchase a 2 Kanal plot in this cost.

DHA Phase 8 Z Block Ivy Green

Z Ivy green is currently on the drawback and we may see slight change in months to come, if you have a 10 Million budget for investment, this might be the right time to purchase a plot of 1 Kanal in Z Ivy green as its possession is expected in 2019 max.


  • We strongly suggest you to purchase residential plots on plunges for investment. If you wish to make your own particular house. You can also invest into 10 and 5 Marla plots in Y block for ideal location for long term investment, However compare 9 Town 5 and 8 Marla better option to invesment
  • Purchase 4 Marla Shivpur or Malikpur files in Phase 8 Ex Park View between 240 to 260 Lacs.
  • We will recommend you to purchase 4 Marla commercial between 400 to 500 Lacs and 8 Marla between 750 to 950 Lacs in great regions of Broadway.

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town

DHA 9 Town keeps on demonstrating positivism even rising 25 to 30% in under a half year. Despite everything I trust that in a years it might give you another 10 to 15% profit if you contribute at the present time.

It might be a good thought to invest into E Block commercials of 9 town at these costs. I don’t see the costs going down any further so if you are looking for long term investment this might be a decent opportunity to get yourself a 4 Marla commercial around there.


  • In you have some extra cash it is best to invest 9 Town residential plots at now as the costs are rising much quicker than

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism

DHA Phase 9 Prism is turning into an appealing investment with every passing day. So far it is the best investment in DHA Lahore considering 3 to 5 years investment time period. 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots all offer incredible opportunities and will positively give you great returns.

On other side Commercial prices are high in 9 Prism and are completely inflated. Hence if they don’t go down much they are not expected rise too so will be a dead investment for a couple of years.


  • Purchasing recommended right now for long term investment only.
  • Hold it for long term or sell during boom.

DHA Lahore Phase 10

Trading between 52 to 55 Lacs and not under any condition a purchase zone for us. Predicting about Phase 10 might be hard right now anyway it is a decent yet at 45 Lacs and underneath.


  • It is smarter to wait now at costs to slip and make a short term trade,if it came to 45 Lacs.

DHA Phase 11 Rahber

DHA Lahore marketing about the balloting of DHA Rahber. However it has not declared a correct date. Commercial investment is the best option if you have 20 Million.


  • While we suggest purchasing 4 Marla commercial at 190 Lacs for a Short term investment.
  • However residential file trading at 30 Lacs which again not an exceptionally cost for investment.


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