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DHA Bahawalpur Important Notice for File Holders – Latest Update

DHA Bahawalpur Important Notice for File Holders – Latest Update

DHA Bahawalpur guarantees to feature leading society lifestyle and advancing toward this path since its beginning. This well planned society will be coordinated with top of the line amenities after finishing of advancement. DHA Bahawalpur files exchange is going on and will pace up in upcoming months. When advancement will move to the next stages. As it is a mega community and various people are associate in exchange of its files. Some opportunists are profiting by deceiving file owners. DHA Bahawalpur administration has bewared all file holders by a notice released in squeeze ad.

DHA Bahawalpur Important Notice for File Holders

In notice of DHA Bahawalpur organization a few people are getting DHA Bahawalpur files from their proprietors against monthly lease or profit. Hence this practice is fraud and won’t be acceptable in any case. Neither DHA Bahawalpur has permitted buying/selling of files in this frame not approved any official or work area to monitor such activities. However reception office of DHA Bahawalpur has all important instruction about buying and selling of its files. It given to each file holder at the buying time.

DHA Bahawalpur Files Update


DHA Bahwalpur Alert File Holders

DHA Bahawalpur alert file holders publicly to defend the interest of its valued client and prompted them not to get engaged in such negligence. They have been educated to avoid this fake pattern of buying and selling, otherwise organization won’t be responsible for lose. Hence purchase/sell done according to subjected method won’t be formally acknowledged or validated. Nobody is permitted to buy or sell Plots/files in this manner according to NAB Ordinance 1999

DHA Bahawalpur Developing a leading society, hence its a right time to take right step. However it will increase investors interest with hassle free investment.

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