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Bahria Town Karachi Possession Charges

Bahria Town Karachi Possession Charges

Bahria Town is keeping its convention of conveying projects even before expected time in Bahria Town Karachi. Giving over Bahria Sports City villas merits specifying in this unique situation. While recently, administration has declared to conduct balloting for un-balloted files in Bahria Town Karachi which is enormous news for this huge project. It will expand speculation volume here which will prompt further huge developments in future. Aside from opening of commercial projects, ownership of some more residential and commercia properties. Like Bahria Paradise Villas is on the cards. As of now a couple of projects like Bahira Homes, Iqbal Villas, Quaid Villas, Bahria Apartments and some residential/commercial plots have been granted possession.

However various clients need to know about update ownership charges of Bahria Town Karachi. We are posting them here alongside support and utility charges which are appropriate at this point. For the direction of Bahria Town Karachi clients, documents which are required to be appended while applying for possession are likewise said below.

Bahria Town Karachi Possession Charges

Following table contains details about Bahria Town Karachi ownership charges of various project and plots (residential/commercia). Upkeep and utility charges additionally said in separate sections with Bahria Town Karachi Possession Charges.

Plots Size/Project Category Utility Charges Possession Charges Maintenance Charges
Residential Plots
Up to 125 sq yards 65,000 75,000 1,500
Up to 250 sq yards 90,000 105,000 2,500
Up to 500 sq yards 195,000 165,000 5,000
Up to 1000 sq yards 285,000 195,000 10,000
Up to 2000 sq yards & above 325,000 270,000
Commercial Plots
Up to 50 sq yards 110,000
Up to 100 sq yards 180,000
125 sq yards 275,000 325,000 1,500
Up to 200 sq yards 315,000 450,000 2,500
Up to 250 sq yards 395,000 575,000 5,000
500 sq yards 650,000 625,000 10,000
Up to 2000 sq yards 735,000 1,500
Over 2000 sq yards
Bahria Homes
Bahria Home (150 sq yards) 130,000 165,000 1,500
Bahria Home (200 sq yards) 165,000 150,000 2,000
Iqbal Villas (150 sq yards) 130,000 165,000 1,500
Quaid Villas 165,000 220,000 2,000
Bahria Apartments
2-Bedroom (950 sq ft) 85,000 175,000 1,500
3-Bedroom (2250 sq ft) 130,000 225,000 1,800
4-Bedroom (2950 sq ft) 175,000 285,000 2,500
1 Acre 350,000 550,000 8,000
1.5 Acre 525,000 775,000 14,000
2 Acre 675,000 990,000 20,000
Jinnah Avenue Commercial (1 Kanal) 725,000 1,200,000 5000
Central Point Commercial 1,400,000 1,500,000
Theme Park Commercial 2,250,000 1,800,000

Documents required for apply Possession :

However following Documents required  for Possession in Bahria Town Karachi

  • Provisional Allotment Letter
  • CNIC Copy + Photographs (2)
  • Authority Letter of Minimum Rs. 100 Stamp (On the Behalf of Allottee if he/she can’t come)
  • Original Customer Copy of Booking Form/Transfer Letter
  • Original Deposit Slips


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